• Promag MSR999 - Payment Card Verifier - Picture 1

MSR999 Payment Card Verifier is designed to check credit/debit cards anytime and anywhere without computer or network connectivity.

It is used by anti card fraud groups within major UK banks and many UK police forces to detect fraudulent/skimmed cards and was developed in co-operation with APACS and BarclayCard.

How does it work?

Simply swipe any payment card to quickly and easily check the magnetic stripe data matches printed/embossed data on the front of the card, it even tells you which card scheme logo should be on the card and if there should be a chip on the card.

Promag Payment Card Verifier is a mini portable battery-powered magnetic stripe reader with LCD screen and built-in real time clock. It also has a low battery indicator and power saving Auto-off feature.
The msr999 device has specially design firmware for payment card validation and does not store any data.


* Simple swipe to check encoded data matches information on the card.
* LCD screen displays the card scheme, card number, expiry date and card holder name to allow physical check against information printed/embossed on the card.
* The display is backlit for low light/night use.
* Data is NOT stored in memory.
* Compact and portable (L58 X W20 X H47 mm).
* No connection or installation required.
* Battery: Single-cell size AAA 1.5V DC battery.
* Optional power supply from USB cable: DC5V, 200mA.
* Provided with lanyard.

Part No: MSR999