• Promag AC101 Ethernet Access Controller - Picture 1

AC101 is a smart and easy to use ethernet access control module that can be fitted to control two doors. It can connect to any kind of Wiegand reader, such as magnetic stripe, RFID or fingerprint.

The included utility software allows the user to configure device settings over the network via TCP/IP including person access list configuration and time-zone management.
You can also retrieve door access records via ethernet giving the advantage of central control and easy remote viewing of event log reports.

- Supports 2 Wiegand readers & access management of 2 doors.
- Features 2 input sensors for detection of door unlocked or incorrectly closed.
- 3 LED design for signal feedback
- Ethernet interface communication.
- Up to 30,000 Person ID numbers.
- Up to 60,000 records can be stored in memory.
- Time zone management for every person.
- All settings can be configured over the network

Power Requirements: 5.5mm/2.1mm, DC 9v to 24v, 120mA @ 12v
Indicator: 3 x LED
Time base: Real Time Clock
Backup battery: Provides power for RTC upon power failure
Relay: 2 x Relay : Max 2A, 12V
Input sensor: 2 Sensor : low voltage active
Exit button: 1
Interface: Ethernet
External Reader:2 readers with Wiegand interface
No. Filter List entries 30,000
No. of records 60,000
Operation temperature 0~55 degree C
Operation humidity 5~95% RH
Dimensions 100 x 96.8 x24.35mm

Note: The Specification is subject to change without notice.

Application Example